What is your refund policy?

Policy for subscriptions:

All subscription purchases are subject to company policies and procedures. We'll consider all situations, but it is our initial stance that refunds will not be offered on subscriptions due to the restricted access that is granted to subscribers. However, If you would like to contact us about a refund on your subscription, you can certainly do so and our team will evaluate your request. 

Policy for printed material:

We want you to love your prints!  If anything is incorrectly printed due to an error on our part we will happily reprint all of the material fully at our cost.  

When a project is submitted for print, we print "as is" unless we happen to notice something that looks like it may be incorrect.  If this happens we will reach out to you for clarification and pause printing until we have a resolution.  

Most commonly, print issues revolve around low quality images being used.  To assist you in ensuring you have used proper images we have real-time image resolution detection built into our editing software.  

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