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Creative Academy


Improve your design skills in minutes

3 articles

General Help

Account Overview

Get familiar with your account area and what you can do.

5 articles

Subscription & Billing

Learn what you can do with your subscription, how to cancel & more.

7 articles

Design Projects

Get familiar with where your projects are stored and what you can do with them.

10 articles

Print & Mail

A collection of articles to help answer your printing questions

8 articles

SnailBlast Direct Mail

Articles to help simplify the direct mail experience for you.

11 articles

Editor Help

Editor Overview

Get familiar with the editor before you start designing.

15 articles

Working with Images

Learn about uploading images, cropping and much more here.

14 articles

Working with Text

Get on the fast track to working with text by reading these articles.

12 articles

Working with Shapes

Get a better understand of what you can do with shapes.

7 articles

Working with Graphics & Icons

Graphics can add a lot to your design, so get familiar with them.

6 articles

Working with Patterns

Working with patterns will allow you to add texture and personality to you design.

2 articles

Working with Pages

Get a better understanding of how you can work with pages.

1 article

View Settings

Learn to align objects, show bleed and much more with view settings.

4 articles


Helping explain potential issues and possible solutions.

3 articles