Upload and insert your own logo

Every design you create for your business will likely require your logo to be inserted into the design in some way. Luckily, we've made it very easy to do this.

1. You can start by uploading your logo (if you haven't already). 

2. With your logo now in your account, you will need to insert it into your design. You can do this by inserting it as a new image or by replacing an existing image in your design (insert & replace image tutorial). 

Unlock other images, logos typically don't need to be cropped

3. This step is very important! After your logo has been added to the design you'll want to click on it and then in the left panel you should click the red x next to the word crop. 
By doing this you'll remove the cropping feature.

4. Now you can reposition and resize your logo in the editor & it won't cut off any of the logo, plus it will always maintain it's shape to display the full image. 

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