Why can't I click on the line?

We're aware of an issue with line selection that makes it extremely difficult if not impossible to click on a line shape that's in a design. Although we're working on a solution, we do want to propose some workarounds to help you resolve this issue.

1. Use the zoom button in the bottom right and click on the plus until you get as close as possible to the line and then try clicking on the line. If that doesn't work proceed to step 2.

2. Although this is a bandaid solution, try covering up the line by inserting a rectangle, placing it over the line and the coloring it the same color as the area around it. This should allow you to hide the line. If this doesn't work proceed to step 3.

3. Contact support and request for the line to be deleted by one of our designers. We'll work as fast as possible to assist you with this issue.

For account created after 11.12.22 you can also try using the shortcut keys (Ctrl + click and drag). You can then drag the box over the line and then hit delete (Watch to make sure you're not selecting and deleting other elements of your design as this is a multi select shortcu). 
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