Understanding Image Resolution

Image resolution values range from 0 to 300 dpi, with 300 being the best, however, you should consider the intended viewing distance of your design as you might not need 300 dpi. More info on viewing distance below.

For ease of use, we break image resolution into 5 groups. 

  • 300:  (Perfect) This is ideal dpi for most print and should print perfectly.
  • 250-299:  (Good)  If 300 is perfect, this range is good. Should still be high-quality print. 
  • 200-249:  (Average)  Not everyone has access to professional photos. This range is pretty average quality and should print in acceptable quality.
  • 100-199:  (Marginal)  May print a little bit pixelated, but oftentimes is OK for basic needs.
  • 0-99:  (Poor)  Consider using a new image if possible. Will likely print pixelated.
*** Please Note:  When editing your project very high-resolution images may even seem to be slightly pixelated. This is because we scale images down slightly when editing for performance reasons.
Distance Matters!! The above information means nothing if you don't understand the intended viewing distance of your design. The chart below is meant to help you figure out what DPI score is good enough for you relative to your viewing distance. 

Below is an example of how we offer up these values to you. 

For your convenience, we also include the DPI score on the crop window and we give you that number in real-time, so the value changes as you adjust the crop handles or image frame.  

Not familiar with dpi? Here is a complete DPI guide

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