Working with stock images

What are the benefits of working with stock images?

Stock images are a great way to increase the quality of your design for a number of reasons.

  1. The resolution is typically much higher than an image you would upload yourself, making them perfect for print.
  2. The photos are taken by professionals, so they look great.
  3. They can be easily added to your design from directly within our editor.

Inserting & finding a stock image  [Animation Demo Below]

1. Click on the insert button at the top of the screen or if you have an image selected in the template you can click on the change image link in the left panel show in the animation.

2. In the left panel select the 'Our Gallery' option.

3. In the 'Our Gallery' panel, you can search by keyword to find the perfect image.

4. When you see an image you like you can click to insert it.

Notice: These steps will insert a new image frame or replace an existing image if you have one selected.

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