Tracking events & delivery on SnailBlast

Every SnailBlast campaign receives tracking events in order to keep you closely connected to your campaign.  Read this article to learn more about each status as well as information regarding delivery dates. 

Tracking Events For Direct Blast Campaigns

Shipping - Postcards have left the print facility and are on route to the USPS facility

At USPS Facility - Postcards are with the USPS & will ship first class (or standard depending on if you've opted for Standard shipping)

Out For Delivery - Postcards are with your local post office and should arrive within 1 day of entering this status

Delivered - Our data indicates that these postcards have arrived at their final destination (Please read on for more info regarding delivery

*Because USPS does not provide delivery confirmation events, SnailBlast relies on our software to provide an estimated delivered status based on the data we've collected.

How can we track each postcard? Direct Blast postcards receive a unique identifying barcode, called the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb). This technology allows us to provide tracking information for each individual postcard within your campaign. 

Tracking Events For Area Blast Campaigns

Packaging - We're packaging your postcards for delivery to the USPS

Delivered to USPS - Your postcards have left our facility and are now in the hands of USPS

Complete - Our data indicates that your postcards have likely been delivered*

*The USPS does not provide delivery confirmation of Area Blast (or EDDM) campaigns. Because of this, SnailBlast relies on our proprietary software to help communicate a projected completion/delivery date for your campaign. This software uses historical data, user feedback and other technologies, to formulate the best estimate of arrival and delivery.

Does SnailBlast guarantee delivery dates?

SnailBlasts' unique relationship with the USPS allows us to mail postcards with enhanced tracking. SnailBlast will ensure that your postcards are flagged as priority mail and delivered to USPS in time for your delivery date. Final delivery is the job of USPS and they do not guarantee delivery dates but the arrival date range is nearly always hit. 

Please read our terms of use for more info regarding USPS and SnailBlast >

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