Upload your mailing list

This article will help you easily navigate the upload steps (Including how to format your spreadsheet). 

Our Area Blast campaigns do not require a mailing list (Only Direct Blast require mailing list).

How should I format my mailing list?

Using either Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, you can build your list of addresses with the format detailed below.

Your column headers (example: First Name, Last Name etc) should be written as you see them below (Order of columns is not important).

Each example below is acceptable  (Download our SnailBlast mailing list template ).🚨 Make sure the first row of your spreadsheet contains the headers.

What column headers do I need?

At least 1 of the following (You can use all)
First name
Last name
Company name (You can use "Or Current Resident")
RequiredAddress 1
Zip (Not required if you have state and City)
OptionalAddress 2 (i.e. apt number, suite number)
If no first name, last name or company name is available then use the company name header and insert a placeholder (See list of ideas below)

What file type can I upload?

We accept .CSV. 

Both Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets allow you to save your files as a .csv

What if I don't have a first name, last name or company name?

If you don't have this information, then you can simply use a placeholder instead. Here are some examples we've seen

In the company column use:
Current Resident
Or Current Resident
Our Neighbor
Our Friends At

What if I'm not 100% sure I have the correct First & Last Name?

We suggest using the company column to include a placeholder (i.e. Or Current Resident)

All addresses will be printed in upper case letters.

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