Common Direct Mail Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from customers before they choose to use our full service direct mail feature (SnailBlast)

Does my design have the right mailing guides?

Yes, in the design approval step, we check to ensure your design is sized correctly and includes the necessary mailing guides for the campaign you've selected. If it doesn't then our system will walk you through our simple resize or mailing guide step.

EDDM Indicia - We have a proprietary EDDM indicia that was created for us by USPS. This is approved by USPS, allowing us to have a complete full-service EDDM solution for you.

What is EDDM?
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a marketing service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows businesses to send promotional mail to every household or business in a specific geographic area, without the need for a mailing list or specific addresses. Within our SnailBlast mailing solution, you're essentially able to search in an area and select the individual carrier routes that exist there. Every home/business on those carrier routes will be sent one of your postcards. Their mailing address won't be included on your design, because USPS is simply hand-delivering each postcards to every mailbox in that area, so no mailing label is required other than the mailing indicia in the upper right corner.

Do I need to include a return address?

Neither EDDM nor Mail to list campaigns require a return address. If you wish to include a return address you can do so by inserting a text box into your design, typing in your address and placing it onto the backside of your design (Location suggestion - EDDM - upper left corner & Mail to a list - just above the mailing guide)

How much does it cost to mail?

All of our pricing can be found when you build your campaign >

When will my postcards arrive in mailboxes?

Within our direct mail solution, you'll be able to select your target in-mailbox date, so you can schedule them to arrive ASAP or at some other date in the future. 

With that said, our earliest target in-mailbox dates very by the campaign type you choose. For EDDM, it's typically 9 business days and for Mail to a list it's 12 business days, so plan ahead!

If you already have an account you can sign up to our email reminders that inform you each day of our earliest in-mailbox dates 

Is my design sized correctly?

Our system will make sure that your design is sized correctly for the campaign you've selected during the design approval step. To ensure you're in the right size, here is a list:

EDDM Approved Sizes Mail to a list sizes
6.5 x 9 - Most popular 4 x 6
6.5 x 12 6 x 9 - Most popular
8.5 x 11

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