Cup Sleeve Guide [Photoshop Template]

Many of our customers want to design their cup sleeve in Photoshop rather than using our design software - and that is totally OK!  If you follow these steps below you can take what you design in Photoshop, export it as a high-resolution JPG file, and then upload it into our software and order prints with us.

Here are the steps to create a perfectly printable cup sleeve:

  • Download our Photoshop template here.  It's important that you use our template!
  • Create your design in Photoshop and use the layers we've pre-built for you.
  • Before you export your design from Photoshop you'll need to hide the guide layer (screenshot below)  

*** If you've created your design correctly, your image will look like a rectangle and not like a cup sleeve

It should not be uploaded in the shape of a cup sleeve

To achieve this look, you'll need to hide the guide layer below (highlighted in red)

Now just upload your file into a cup sleeve template on MyCreativeShop.

  • Go here to start a new, blank cup sleeve project
  • Once your project opens, click on the 'Insert' button and then on 'Image'.  Upload the image you created on Photoshop here.
  • Position it so it's aligned properly - don't forget to save your work!
  • Click on the 'Print /Download' button in the upper right hand corner and then on 'Order Prints'.

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