Kpop Cup Sleeve Guide

MyCreativeShop has seen a huge demand from the Kpop community for our cup sleeves.

Because of this demand we created a quick guide to help support the different ways we've seen this community use our software and printing services. 

To get started choose the option that applies to you.

  1. I don't have a design yet ( Start from a blank canvas)
  2. I have a design that was created in Photoshop (Read Photoshop Guide)
  3. I have a design, but it wasn't created in Photoshop (Read Dimensions + PDF Template

Additional Resources
#1 Biggest Formatting Mistake
 |  Uploading Kpop File

Dimensions + PDF Template

If you're not able to use our Photoshop template to format your cup sleeve, but you do have a design program that you can work in, here are the dimensions and a guide to help you properly format your cup sleeve. Following these details will ensure you get the best print possible when you upload your design into our editor. 

Width: 11.087 inches
Height: 3.797 inches

Download PDF guide/templateDon't include guide when you upload your file 

Photoshop Guide [Template Included]

If you follow these steps below you can take what you designed in Photoshop, export it as a high-resolution JPG file, and then upload it into our software. This is great if you'd like to order prints with us!

Photoshop to MyCreativeShop Steps

  • Download our Photoshop template hereIt's important that you use our template!
  • Add your design into the Photoshop file. Instructions included in photoshop layers.
  • Before you export your design from Photoshop you'll need to hide the guide layer (screenshot below)  
  • Upload your design into the MyCreativeShop editor

Don't forget to hide the guide layer when generating your JPG (highlighted in red)

#1 Most Common mistake

The most common mistake we see is when our customers upload their design in the shape of a cup sleeve (or with the guide layer included). To ensure you don't do the same, please look at the examples below to see how your design should look before you upload it. 

This is the correct way (It should extend to the edges, so it looks like a rectangle)

This is the incorrect way (It should not be uploaded in the shape of a cup sleeve)

Uploading your cup sleeve design

  • Go here to start a new, blank cup sleeve project
  • Once your project opens, click on the 'Insert' button and then on 'Image' or if you're on the new version you may see a 'Kpop File' option. 
  • Follow the steps to upload your design.
  • Position it so it's aligned properly (you will likely need to set your image frame to display full image, so it doesn't crop) 
  • Don't forget to save your work!
  • Click on the 'Print /Download' button in the upper right-hand corner and then on 'Order Prints'.
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